High-End Tiling

Black is most commonly used in the minimalist style of interior decoration, which is why this shade is the most common choice for bathroom decoration, which is often also one of the smallest rooms in our homes.

This color is everything, just not boring. It brings a certain dynamic into the living space and can completely transform it. Black has always been associated with the feeling of power, elegance, and luxury in every interior.

Aside from the classic combination of black and white in the bathroom, which always looks great, black also blends in perfectly with other shades such as brown, grey, and even blue. A great solution is silver or gold elements in the interior like a bathroom. However, it is important to be careful not to overdo it with the accentuated details so you don’t create a kitschy or assertive look in the bathroom.

Mosaic tiles are great for backsplash, accent walls, or flooring. Browse our selection of mosaics in a variety of colors, patterns and materials.


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